James Brown


Try MeJames Brown

Try Me

Universal Music Enterprises
Format / Edition(s):

1There Must Be A Reason 02:29
2I Want You So Bad 02:48
3Why Do You Do Me [Single Version] 03:02
4Got To Cry 02:39
5Strange Things Happen 02:12
6Fine Old Foxy Self 02:11
7Messing With The Blues 02:13
8Try Me [Single Version] 02:34
9It Was You 02:45
10I've Got To Change [Album Version/Mono] 02:28
11Can't Be The Same 02:22
12It Hurts To Tell You [Album Version/Mono] 02:55
13I Won't Plead No More 02:29
14You're Mine, You're Mine 02:34
15Gonna Try 02:47
16Don't Let It Happen To Me 02:50

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