James Brown


MotherlodeJames Brown


Universal Music Enterprises
Format / Edition(s):

1There It Is [Live] 03:06
2She's The One [Album Version] 02:53
3Since You Been Gone [Album Version] 05:34
4Untitled Instrumental [Album Version] 03:22
5Say It Loud (Say It Live) [1969/Live At Bell Auditorium] 04:52
6Can I Get Some Help [Album Version] 08:54
7You Got To Have A Mother For Me [Album Version] 05:17
8Funk Bomb [Instrumental] 04:13
9Baby Here I Come [Album Version] 04:28
10People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul [Remix] 09:05
11I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance) [Remix] 07:26
12You've Changed [Album Version] 03:19
13Body Heat [Alternate Mix] 11:53

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