James Brown


Messing With The Blues (2 CD)James Brown

Messing With The Blues (2 CD)

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Disc 1
1Like It Is, Like It Was (The Blues) [Album Version] 04:57
2Don't Cry Baby 03:01
3Caldonia [Single Version] 02:55
4Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door 03:39
5Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens 02:59
6Good Rockin Tonight 02:38
7I Love You Yes I Do 02:47
8Messing With The Blues 02:13
9Waiting In Vain 02:48
10For You My Love 02:18
11Blues For My Baby 03:02
12Everyday I Have The Blues 04:30
13Love Don't Love Nobody [Studio Dialogue With Syd Nathan] 00:49
14Love Don't Love Nobody 02:04
15Goin Home 05:04
16Have Mercy Baby 02:14
17Kansas City [1967 Alternate Version] 03:25
18The Bells 03:37
Disc 2
1Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go) 11:43
2The Things That I Used To Do 02:49
3Need Your Love So Bad 03:27
4Like A Baby 02:54
5Honky Tonk (Parts 1 & 2) 06:10
6Suffering With The Blues 03:05
7Further On Up The Road 03:46
8Radio Spot For Thinking About Little Willie John LP - 1968 01:05
9Talk To Me, Talk To Me 03:28
10Kansas City [1975 Album Version] 07:48
11Wonder When You're Coming Home 02:34
12Like It Is, Like It Was (The Blues, Continued...) [Album Version] 06:32

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