James Brown


It's A MotherJames Brown

It's A Mother

Universal Music Enterprises
Format / Edition(s):

1Mother Popcorn (Part 1) [Album Version] 03:16
2Mother Popcorn (Part 2) [Album Version] 03:02
3Mashed Potato Popcorn (Part 1) [Album Version] 02:59
4Mashed Potato Popcorn (Part 2) [Album Version] 03:18
5I'm Shook [Album Version] 02:50
6Popcorn With A Feeling [Album Version/Instrumental] 02:57
7The Little Groove Maker Me (Part 1) [Album Version] 03:00
8The Little Groove Maker Me (Part 2) [Album Version] 02:18
9Any Day Now [Album Version] 03:30
10If I Ruled The World [Album Version] 04:01
11You're Still Out Of Sight [Album Version] 03:08
12Top Of The Stack [Album Version/Instrumental] 02:49

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