James Brown


Dead on the Heavy FunkJames Brown

Dead on the Heavy Funk

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Format / Edition(s):

Disc 1
1Sex Machine (Part 1 And 2) [Album Version] 11:59
2Hustle!!! (Dead On It) [Album Version] 05:03
3Your Love [Album Version] 04:10
4Hot (I Need To Be Loved, Loved, Loved, Loved) [Album Version] 05:59
5Woman [Album Version] 03:47
6Medley: Get Up Offa That Thing/Release The Pressure [Album Version] 09:17
7I Refuse To Lose [Single Version] 03:48
8Bodyheat [1977 Album Version] 09:23
9Kiss In '77 [Live (1977)] 08:39
10Give Me Some Skin [Album Version] 03:57
11Bessie [Album Version] 03:18
12If You Don't Give A Doggone About It [Album Version] 06:28
Disc 2
1Jam 1980's [Live (1979/Tokyo)] 07:14
2The Spank [1998 Compilation Version] 07:10
3Nature, Part 1 [Single Version] 03:58
4Eyesight [Album Version] 05:31
5I Never, Never Will Forget [1998 Long Version] 06:33
6For Goodness Sakes, Look At Those Cakes [Album Version] 11:04
7A Man Understands [Album Version] 08:31
8It's Too Funky In Here [12" Version] 06:31
9Regrets [Album Version] 06:29
10Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses?) [12" Version] 10:00
11Bring It On ... Bring It On [Single Version] 04:05

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