James Brown


Roots of a RevolutionJames Brown

Roots of a Revolution

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Disc 1
1I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On 02:35
2No No No No 02:16
3Hold My Baby's Hand 02:12
4Chonnie-On-Chon 02:13
5Just Won't Do Right 02:42
6Let's Make It 02:29
7Fine Old Foxy Self 02:14
8Why Does Everything Happen To Me 02:12
9Begging Begging 02:53
10That Dood It 02:28
11There Must Be A Reason 02:31
12I Want You So Bad 02:47
13Don't Let It Happen To Me 02:53
14Bewildered [1960 Album Version] 02:26
15Doodle Bug [Instrumental] 02:39
16This Old Heart 02:20
17Studio Dialogue 00:28
18I'll Never Never Let You Go [Single Version] 02:36
19Studio Dialogue 00:55
20You've Got The Power [Alternate Take] 02:42
21Baby You're Right [Alternate Take] 03:05
22I Don't Mind 03:13
Disc 2
1Come Over Here 02:45
2And I Do Just What I Want 02:26
3Just You And Me Darling 02:48
4So Long 02:50
5Tell Me What You're Gonna Do 02:13
6Hold It [Instrumental] 02:08
7Dancin Little Thing 01:57
8You Don't Have To Go 02:48
9Lost Someone [1961 Single Version] 03:30
10Shout And Shimmy 03:17
11I Found You 02:30
12I Don't Care 02:52
13I've Got Money [Single Version] 02:30
14Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. 02:53
15Signed Sealed And Delivered [Album Version] 02:34
16Studio Dialogue 00:23
17Prisoner Of Love [Album Version] 02:24
18I Cried 02:42
19Oh Baby Don't You Weep 06:34
20(Do The) Mashed Potatoes 02:33
21Maybe The Last Time [Single Version] 02:56

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