James Brown


I Got The Feelin'James Brown

I Got The Feelin'

Universal Music Enterprises
Format / Edition(s):

1I Got The Feelin' [Single Version] 02:33
2Maybe I'll Understand Pt. 1 03:16
3You've Got The Power 02:58
4Maybe Good Maybe Bad Pt. 1 02:51
5Shhhhhh (For A Little While) [Instrumental] 02:33
6Just Plain Funk [Instrumental] 03:06
7If I Ruled The World [Single Version] 03:25
8Maybe I'll Understand, Pt. 2 03:16
9Stone Fox 03:03
10It Won't Be Me 03:38
11Maybe Good Maybe Bad Pt. 1 02:55
12Here I Go [Instrumental] 03:00

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